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Conscience On Strings EP Released!

2007-07-18 20:16:29 by mattlandry

The Conscience On Strings EP is finished with 7 tracks Finished...I am uploading many of them to Newgrounds as we speak...The Conscience On Strings LP should be finished sometime in 2008..This Will Be the album cover for The LP...

Conscience On Strings EP Released!


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2007-07-18 20:20:48

I haven't heard of Conscience On Strings EP, I'll check it out when you upload them ;)

mattlandry responds:

I uploaded 2 tracks from the Conscience On Strings EP...I can only upload 2 a day so tomorow I'll upload 2 more...I still havn't got to upload the best ones yet...the two for tomorow are gonna be done in the studio...



2007-07-19 08:48:13

I think NG is messing up, use the beat if you need to.

mattlandry responds:

Thanks man cool shit


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